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4 ideas for a brilliant Christmas dinner takeaway for customers

If customers can’t come to you this year, what about a Christmas dinner takeaway? Here are four ideas for your pub or restaurant so you can have more happy customers

Cook at home

Lots of restaurants have been offering meals during lockdown where some of the cooking is done at home. So, don’t worry about keeping things hot. Cook your turkey, and prep your veg the day before delivery, with simple instructions for reheating and finishing off at home. Busy households will thank you for doing the legwork!

Christmas Pie

Traditionally popular on Boxing Day, a Christmas Pie contains layers of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pigs in blankets and Brussels sprouts encased in a homemade shortcrust pastry pie. It’s the original Christmas dinner to go and would go down well with customers.

Family with a Takeaway Christmas Dinner

What, no turkey?

It may be sacrilegious, but not everyone wants turkey. If you’ve a restaurant favourite, consider offering that instead. Something suitably indulgent and too time-consuming to make at home, such as beef Wellington (and its veggie equivalent) would make a memorable (and moveable) festive feast.

Include something special

Add a little magic with the meal – a cracker or a gift for the kids – and you’ll be delivering goodwill in the bank for when customers return to your venue. Consider offering a prize, or money-off voucher, for customers who Instagram their meal and tag your social media account in their post.

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