Stay Guarded

Making sure your premises are safe especially if you have closed completely during lockdown is another unwelcome consequence of the Covid-19 crisis.

Back in March, The Bank pub in Bolton issued a warning on its Facebook page after its premises had been broken into, as well as four other nearby sites, with thieves targeting alcohol and cash from charity boxes. However good you believe your security is, outlets are being warned to review and reinforce their defences during lockdown.

“Because all premises are closed and empty, it’s easy pickings for those looking to profit from this time of hardship. Our advice is clear – reinforce all security measures before you are targeted,” says Jonathan Ratcliffe from security company “It’s terrible we are having to issue this advice, but we are sadly seeing pilfering already across the country.”

Take Stock brings you some simple security tips to help put measures into place to make sure your premises are guarded for as long is necessary.

  • Remove all cash – leave your tills empty and open, remove all charity boxes and if you have a fruit machine which has been emptied by the company display a note on it to say it has been emptied due to Covid-19 and has no cash in it. If cash is in a safe on the premises ensure it is a bolted-down one, ideally with a time lock.
  • Remove stock – if possible, remove all alcohol off-site or move it out of sight and locked secure in the cellar or stockroom.
  • Check locks & alarms – make sure all your locks (inside and outside) on doors and windows are in good working order and are locked and secure. Your alarm should be in good working order and working effectively.
  • Install cameras – CCTV offers peace of mind and is the single biggest deterrent for burglars. Invest in a CCTV system or if you already have one, ensure that it is working efficiently. If necessary arrange for your equipment to be serviced.
  • Additional deterrents – board up back doors, cellar entrances and weak points in your premises where there is limited visibility and pay special consideration to toilet windows. Store away wheelie bins to avoid them being used to aid a prospective break-in into your premises, and prune overgrown bushes and trees to prevent an intruder hiding from view.
  • Be vigilant – draw curtains and display signage to windows in clear view to indicate you have removed all alcohol, cash and food from your premises. If you are aware of any break-ins or attempted ones, or your own premises have been targeted, notify other local businesses’ via social media.
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