6 essential Halloween cocktails for the ultimate party

Halloween is a great chance to create excitement for your customers. For this year’s spooktacular, try awakening the spirits with our delicious cocktail ideas

Witches' Brew

Conjure up a brew with rum and fruity flavours. Serve in a highball glass or get creative with mini cauldrons! Skeleton hand optional…

Try the Witches’ Brew.

Witches' Brew Cocktail

Walking Dead Sunrise

Try a twist on the classic tequila sunrise with mango rum. This Instagrammable cocktail is sure to get people talking. Make sure you post a picture of it to advertise your Halloween party.

Try the Walking Dead Sunrise.

Walking Dead Sunrise cocktail
“There was a 61% increase in cocktail sales in first 10 weeks of on-trade re-opening”
- CGA, compared like-for-like with 2019

Berry Fang

A simple mocktail that’s easy to make but looks exciting for children. Offer sugar-free lemonade if desired. Put this on your kids’ menu for the week of Halloween.

Try the Berry Fang mocktail.

Berry Fang cocktail
“84% of consumers on a night out upload photos to social media, so make sure your cocktails look amazing!”

Hey Y'All Highball

Tennessee Fire is Jack Daniel’s with cinnamon liqueur, which gives a warming feel to the drink. Plus the orange and cinnamon combination smells incredible.

Try the Hey Y’All Highball.

Hey Y'All Highball cocktail

El Diablo

A fiery cocktail with a sweet edge. Garnish the cocktail with sweetie fangs, eyeballs or snakes for a scary look.

Try El Diablo.

El Diablo cocktail
“Spirits tend to get the biggest upswing in sales on Halloween, with average value sales up 57% against the average equivalent day in 2018. In contrast, beer sales increased by just 27%, suggesting that Halloween night is a high tempo occasion that suits shots, bombs and cocktails better than long drinks”

Nightmare in Florence

A sophisticated cocktail for those who love a negroni, the popular Italian aperitif. This gin-based drink offers something less sweet with a caffeine boost to take customers through to the witching hour. Spook up the glass with a mini skull or jelly eyeball!

Try Nightmare in Florence.


Don’t forget

You could also offer these cocktails as takeaways or ‘make-at-home’ kits for those customers who are partying at home.

Nightmare in Florence cocktail
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