How to put on your best ever Bonfire Night party for children and big kids

Forget the same old menu and party plans. Put on a night to remember with our new Bonfire Night ideas – from party food to fun drinks for children

Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes’ Night or Fireworks Night – call it what you will, there’s one thing we can all agree on: 5th November is a night for lighting up your tills and sending your takings skyrocketing. Mixing up your normal menu and drinks list, along with some finishing touches, will set your Bonfire Night apart from the rest. And don’t forget to crank up the patio heaters to keep the chill away and warm up those outdoor spaces.

Bonfire Night Party food

For outdoor displays, think portable feasts. Barbecues and hog-roasts fit the pyrotechnic mood perfectly. Serve to all ages in wraps, buns and pittas. Easy-to-hold food means a spare hand for a drink or keeping hold of the little ones.

Try out:

1 Warming mugs of pumpkin soup (leftover from Halloween) with chilli and garlic, served with chunks of bread.
2 Large field mushrooms baked with knobs of butter and chopped garlic.
3 Spicy sausages stuffed into baguettes with caramelised onions and ketchup.
4 Home-made burgers with American mustard and chopped gherkins.
5 Roasted veg and hummus wraps, sprinkled with a warming dash of cayenne pepper.
6 Toffee apples and s’mores will go down a treat with children.
Candle lights outside

Cosy drinks by the fireside

Firstly, let’s pray for a crisp, clear night. Then, consider setting up an outside bar area, offering a range of drinks for adults and, importantly, kids. Keep the range simple. Children will love hot chocolate with (toasted) marshmallows or a warm apple juice. Hearty real ale for the adults will keep the chills at bay, but fizz and fireworks go together brilliantly too! Why not create a firework fizz-themed cocktail for the evening?

Create a special atmosphere

Don’t just rely on the glowing fire. Think of blending in additional lanterns and candles on tables. They’ll offer warmth, as well as provide more light as the night gets darker.

Bonfire Night safety advice

1 Nominate a member of staff to oversee the lighting and have full control for overall safety.
2 Buy only category 1, 2 or 3 fireworks (category 4 needs a professional to light them).
3 Ensure the correct safety equipment is close to hand.
4 Adhere strictly to distance. Pick a spot that is safe and with a great line of view.
5 Inform local authorities that you’re having a display.
6 Make sure your staff are easily identifiable to your customers should they need help, including a trained first aider.
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