New cocktails for World Gin Day

Take some World Gin Day inspiration from a popular Liverpool bar

Gin has fast become the drink of choice for customers across the country and since 2016, the number of distilleries in the UK has tripled, according to HMRC. On-trade sales of gin more than tripled 2015-2020. This ‘ginaissance’ makes World Gin Day on 12 June 2021 the perfect opportunity to drum up custom or even attract new patrons.

There are lots of ways you can turn the day into a big event, and it needn’t cost a lot either. We visited the team at The Liverpool Gin Distillery to find out how they’ll be celebrating. Plus, they shared some extra-special cocktail recipes for the occasion.

A real gin experience

Manager at the distillery, Rebecca Haycox, explains what they’re planning this year (all being well with Covid restrictions): “It’s a brilliant chance to promote our gin lab experience where customers have the chance to create their very own gin on site.

“Customers learn about the history of gin and explore a range of botanicals before choosing their own selection and distilling their own bottle. We even seal the bottles with wax and print custom labels.

“We run three sessions a day, seven days a week. It’s really popular and weekend slots are usually booked up several weeks in advance.”

Gin lab experience
Bartender shaking cocktail

Give customers something extra

While not everyone will have the same facilities, it doesn’t mean you can’t host fun experiences for World Gin Day. Rebecca says: “Throughout the pandemic,  people have been educating themselves at home and experimenting, so I think there’s an interest in learning.

“Even if you don’t have a distillery in-house, you could still run a masterclass covering the history of gin, you could invite your suppliers to talk customers through the different gins and you could include hands-on elements like taste tests and cocktail making.”

Try these amazing gin cocktails from the Liverpool team:

Cherry Thyme Sour

Johnny’s Chocolate Orange

Elderflower Gimlet

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