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Special diet: dysphagia

Three ideas for how you can make meals look more attractive for those who have issues swallowing food

“You eat with your eyes first” but this can be forgotten when it comes to serving people who have difficulty swallowing. Here are three ideas from Premier Foods Service to make food look appealing and attractive for residents or customers who suffer from dysphagia.


Add visual interest by presenting meals in glass dishes in layers. It’s simple to do and looks really effective. Layered desserts look fantastic and feel like a ‘normal’ pud. Trifle is a popular choice for the older generation; jazz it up with different fruits.



Let’s face it – a lot of the best foods are beige! Pasta, pastry, bread… It’s not the most attractive on a plate though so think about inventive ways you can introduce colour. This kedgeree makes a delicious breakfast and cleverly adds easy-to-eat flavours through sauces.


Fancy pipework isn’t just for cakes. Rather than a scoop of mash or puréed vegetables, consider using a piping bag. You can buy shaped nozzles to create interest. It elevates this chicken dinner to a special meal.

To read more about dysphagia and how you can prepare tasty (and safe) meals for residents or customers, have a look at Premier Foods’ guide.

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