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Special diet: keto

What exactly is the keto diet? And how can you easily incorporate keto-friendly meals onto your menu?

Ketogenic (or keto) diets have gained popularity in recent years, especially among the health-conscious. The keto diet is a balance of low carbohydrates, high fat and moderate protein. Here’s how you can cater for keto customers:


Hot milk drinks are a no-go for keto dieters because of the high sugar content, but bulletproof coffee which contains butter or oil is a great alternative. Alcohol-wise, white spirits and low-calorie mixers are the top options.

Bulletproof coffee
“A keto diet is around 70% fat”
- Source: Harvard School of Public Health
Eggs and bacon


Eggs, cheese and bacon are the staples of a keto diet, so a simple omelette or bacon and eggs are perfect for your menu. Savoury snacks such as bacon-wrapped halloumi or aubergine chips as an alternative to cakes or pastries are also keto-friendly.


The key with keto meals is to think of ways to replace carbs like potatoes, rice, pasta and bread. For example, you could offer a burger without the bun, or a steak. Swap chips for salad or courgette fries. Mushrooms fried with butter and garlic make a delicious side as well.


Courgette fries

If you’ve got health-savvy customers, use signposts on your menu to show items that are keto-friendly.

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