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UK allergen labelling: how you can prepare for Natasha’s Law

Did you know there are new allergen labelling requirements in the UK from October 2021? Find out what exactly Natasha’s Law is and what you need to do to prepare

What is Natasha’s Law?

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15, was heading on a holiday to Nice from Heathrow Airport when she ate a baguette from a Pret a Manger outlet. Just hours later, Natasha died from an anaphylactic shock to sesame seeds which, unknown to her or her parents, were in the sandwich she’d eaten. This led to a successful campaign by her parents to change the laws on food labelling. From October 2021, any foods that are pre-packed directly for sale must carry a full list of ingredients. This ensures that allergy sufferers can be fully aware of what they’re eating.

What does it mean for your business?

For small food businesses, listing all the ingredients and allergens included in your pre-packaged food may seem like a step too far. As well as finding out all the ingredients within ingredients, the legislation changes will mean businesses have to clearly label them and any potential allergens on all their pre-packaged food items.

This change will mean that businesses need to develop a labelling solution, which is likely to be time-consuming and costly. However, for families like Natasha’s, these changes are essential to stop the worst from happening again.

3 important things you need to know about Natasha’s Law

1 It affects products prepared and packaged onsite for direct sale. For example, a sandwich or salad prepared by your team that day and displayed in the shop for sale.
2 Pre-packaged products must be clearly labelled with a complete list of ingredients.
3 It will no longer be legal to just include allergens information on a menu, chalkboard or in an information pack.
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