Wolfie aka Martin Adams

We Grill: Martin Wolfie Adams

The legend that is Martin Wolfie Adams – three times Lakeside World Champion and three times world master Darts player.

With a professional career spanning 15 years and a cult following of wolf mask wearing fans, famous Darts champion ‘Wolfie’, is a simple man at heart – happiest with a pint of real ale, eating British favourites – down the pub.

What would be your signature dish?

Without a doubt my chicken stew made with basic vegetables such as carrots and swede and a mix of special seasonings. After the first mouthful my kids always say, “Dad. That’s bob on!”

What’s your best kitchen gadget?

I don’t use any gadgets – I like a simple approach to cooking.

What are your favourite places to eat?

I like to eat in pubs and restaurants in pubs.

What do you usually order when eating out?

Fillet steak with all the bits and pieces – ideally sautéed potatoes, mushrooms and onion rings.

What dish means Best of British to you?

It has to be Roast Beef with Yorkshire puddings.

How does British cuisine now compare globally?

British cuisine is wonderfully varied with fantastic tasty staple dishes such as roast dinners, fish and chips and sausage.

Money no object – which restaurant and why?

I’d be happy down the pub still – if you pay a fortune and go to a fancy restaurant you expect perfection so I’d happily settle for a good pub with a restaurant.

Worst meal ever?

On an aeroplane from Denmark. I’ve no idea what the dish was supposed to be but it was disgusting and totally inedible.

Favourite alcoholic drink?

No doubt about it – a pint of real ale

Favourite soft drink?

A large mug of tea.

Given the choice, fine dining or a free-for-all at home?

A free-for-all at home every time. I love cooking. My kids would probably opt for the fine dining option though!

TV chefs – devils or angels?

I like Ramsay – he says it like it is.

Sweet or savoury?

I’m a sweet man. You can’t beat a good old treacle pudding with a bit of hot custard.

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