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Star Spangled Snacks

Pub snacks are an easy upsell on a round of drinks. Thanks to new offerings and innovation, snacks are bigger and better than ever before and by offering something different within your range it will help generate customer interest and increase your profits.

The American influence is everywhere, so it was only a matter of time before it took over the snack scene too…

Perfect popcornperfect popcorn - Pop Works and Butterkist popcorn - Take Stock magazine

The fastest growing area in snacking, popcorn is now worth £150m in the UK, and the sweet and salted snack has shifted from the big screen to the bar. Popcorn works as a standalone or sharing snack, or even as a complimentary treat for your customers instead of the usual nuts or crisps. And while popularity has grown for this snack, so have the choice in flavours. KP’s Butterkist dominates the market with a range that includes Simply Salted, Cinema Sweet, Sweet & Salted and Crunchy Toffee. And for more avant garde flavours, look at new Pop Works from PepsiCo, with varieties like Apple Pie, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Dark Chocolate and Orange.

What a twist!Penn State pretzels - Take Stock magazine

Pretzels are the classic American snack that are now catching the interest of the UK market. The popular baked bread product shaped into a twisted knot is taking the snack race by storm with KP’s
brand Penn State announcing that it sold £7.2m worth of pretzels in the UK last year. And that interest is set to grow, with Kantar research showing that 1.6m UK households love the brand. Stock up now with Penn State’s top selling Salted Caramel, Original Sea Salted and Sour Cream & Chive flavours.

The chips are downWalkers MAX crisps strong - Take Stock magazine

American ‘chips’ are equivalent to the British crisp and it’s this area of the snack market where American style flavours are making the most impact. Walker’s MAX Strong range features Chilli & Lime, Jalapeno & Cheese as well as Hot Chicken Wings and KP’s extensive range includes McCoy’s Hot Mexican Chilli, Ridge Cut Paprika and Flame Grilled Steak.

Once you popBBQ flavoured Pringles - Take Stock magazine

Pringles may be a household favourite but now the stackable snack is a firm favourite out of home too. The 40g tubes are a hit with both children and adults – who can’t stop eating once they have popped! Easy to display, with lots of POS material available, Pringles is constantly innovating and there are regular limited edition flavours and consumer offers to drive demand. A must have for
your establishment.

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