Purdey's new energy drinks

Purdey’s extends its natural energy range

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought health sharply into focus for many of us. Now, 47% of people eat more foods to support their immune system and 1 in 5 took vitamins during lockdown.* So it’s a great time to get stocked up with energy-packed food and drink.

We’re loving Purdey’s new flavours in their natural energy range. Refocus offers a dark fruit blend with guarana and B vitamins; Replenish is sparkling raspberry juice with rose extract, enriched with magnesium and B vitamins. These join the rebranded Rejuvenate drink, which is grape and apple flavour.

Replenish is available in 330ml glass bottles and you can buy Refocus and Rejuvenate in the bottle format and 250ml slim cans.

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*IGD ShopperVista, Has COVID kick-started new health trends? 10.09.2020