Top Tip
Full fat yoghurt can be used as an alternative to zero fat but will increase the calories and reduce the protein content.

Banana and Granola Yoghurt Pot with Honey Chocolate Shavings

Prep: 10 minutes
10 Servings
1kg bananas
125g Marvel Milk Powder
150ml water
1.5kg yoghurt Greek 0%
37.5g plain chocolate
125g granola low in sugar
25g clear honey
  1. Slice thinly the bananas, place half the bananas in a bowl, add the milk powder and water,
    blend to a smooth puree.
  2. Blend the puree with the yoghurt, mix in half the grated chocolate.
  3. Evenly spoon into a serving bowl and decorate with remaining sliced bananas and grated
    chocolate, sprinkle with the granola and drizzle over the honey.


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