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Beetroot Macaroon

Desserts Food Dairy-free Gluten-free Vegetarian
Peter Knibb
Macaroon: Dried beetroot powder 18g, Ground almonds 140g, Icing sugar 150g, Egg white 55g
Meringue: Castor sugar 150g, Water 75g, Boil to 118°C, Egg white 55g
  1. Macaroon: Sieve all the dry ingredients, then add egg white, mix to a paste
  2. Meringue: Start whisking to soft peak then add sugar syrup, whisk until cool.
  3. Assembling: Fold meringue into macaroon mix in 3 stages: give the mix a good beat then into a piping bag. Pipe onto a tray with enough room for them to grow, petit four size would be 2.5cm. Place under lights to form a thin skin, then place in oven at 130°C for 15 mins fan speed 2. Leave to cool before removing from the tray.