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Classic Burger with Homemade Chips

Food Main Courses
4 Servings
500g minced meat
4 sesame hamburger buns
1 large beef tomato, sliced
½ iceberg lettuce, cut into thin strips
20ml olive oil
Salt & pepper, to taste
3 tbsp Kühne Sandwich Slices
4 tbsp crispy fried onions
2 tbsp Kühne Remoulade Sauce
1 tbsp Medium Hot Mustard
1 lt vegetable or olive oil
4 large, floury potatoes, washed & cut into sticks
  1. Mix the meat with the salt and pepper then shape them before frying them in a little oil on each side
  2. Slice open the burger buns and warm in a toaster or briefly in the oven. Mix the Remoulade sauce with the mustard and spread the mixture onto the buns
  3. Place the burger on the bottom bun and top with a tomato slice, gherkin and fried onions, lettuce and top bun
  4. Heat the oil to 140°C and parfry the chips for 2 minutes. Remove and let them cook briefly before frying in a hot fryer at 170°C for about 3 minutes
  5. Serve the burger and chips on a plate