Coconut Pancakes with compressed Pineapple, Malibu Syrup & Coconut Ice Cream

Desserts Food
Lee Coates, head chef at The Walton Hotel, Nottingham
Makes 20 small pancakes, serves 4 Servings
Plain flour 200g
Caster sugar 100g
Coconut milk 200g
Eggs 2
Malibu splash
Desiccated coconut to garnish (optional)
Sugar 50g
Water 50g
Malibu 35ml
Star anise 1
Pineapple 1
Lemon balm to garnish
  1. Mix together the flour, caster sugar, coconut milk, eggs and splash of Malibu to form a batter
  2. Slice half of the pineapple and compress it in a vac pack until translucent
  3. Place the sugar, water, Malibu (35ml) and star anise in a small pan and heat to dissolve the sugar and reduce until nice and sticky, trying not to stir as this will cause the sugars to crystallise
  4. Cook the pancakes to your liking and thinly slice the compressed pineapple
  5. Stack five pancakes with layers of compressed pineapple in between. Grill the remaining pineapple with some lemon balm and add next to pancakes. Pour the syrup over and sprinkle some dessicated coconut. Serve with a good dollop of coconut ice cream, and finish with dessicated coconu