Elderflower Cordial

Cocktails Drink Non Alcoholic
Makes approximately 5 litres Servings
1 carrier bag of elderflowers (use just the heads of the flowers)
2 unwaxed lemons
3 litres water
2 x 1/4kg bags sugar (caster or granulated)
3 tbsp citric acid (if you cannot find citric acid, simply double the amount of lemons)
  1. Sift through the elderflowers and discard any that are too scraggy or insect ridden. Strip off any extraneous leaves or twigs.
  2. Put the flowers in a large pan and squeeze the juice of the lemons over them. Don’t throw away the skins of the lemons. Instead, drop them in the pan.
  3. Pour in 3 litres of cold water (or enough to cover the flowers), put a lid on the pan and leave it somewhere cool for 3 days. Give the mixture a stir once or twice a day.
  4. Strain the mixture through a clean muslin or tea towel into another pan. Roughly measure the amount and add a tbsp of citric acid and 750g sugar for each litre.
  5. Heat the pan gently, stirring the mixture to dissolve the sugar. Let it boil for 1 minute and then leave it to cool.
  6. Once cooled, pour the cordial into sterilised glass or plastic bottles and enjoy. It should keep in the cupboard for up to a month.