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Gozleme (Vegan) Turkish Street Food Toasted Sandwich

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Kim Hartley, business development chef at Mission Foods
1 Servings
50g Beetroot & Rosemary hummus
100g Kiwicha seed Yufka flatbread
50g Turkish spiced vegan lamb
15g vegan feta cheese, crumbled
8g baby spinach leaves
10g minted fresh peas
15g pistachio, orange & cinnamon Baklava crumb
  1. Pin the fresh Yufka dough and spread the beetroot and rosemary hummus
  2. Scatter over the peas and top with baby spinach leaves
  3. Add the lamb and sprinkle over the feta cheese, pistachio, orange and cinnamon Baklava crumb
  4. Fold to form an envelope and griddle on both sides until crisp