Honeycomb Ice Cream

Desserts Food
Carol Ridehalgh, author of Fodder for Foodies
Makes 1 litre Servings
75g caster sugar
2 tbsp clear honey
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
500ml whipping cream
1 tin (397ml) condensed milk, sweet
  1. Put the sugar and syrup into a pan and cook over a low heat until the sugar melts

  2. Turn up the heat and boil rapidly until the caramel is a mid-golden colour
  3. Turn off the heat and sieve the bicarbonate of soda over the caramel. Stir gently until it becomes frothy. Do not mix

  4. Using a spatula scrape out the mixture onto a magic mat/parchment paper. Do not spread and leave to cool
  5. Once cool, put into a freezer bag/bowl and bash with a rolling pin - leave the pieces a bit chunky
  6. Whip the cream until floppy
  7. Add the condensed milk and continue to whisk until thick and holding its shape
  8. Fold in the honeycomb pieces, plus any crumbs. Scrape into a freezer container/ice cream tub and pop into the freezer overnight