Lancashire Hotpot

Food Main Courses
Nigel Haworth
4 Servings
Rack of under-shoulder chops 1 trimmed and cut into 4 neck chops
Lamb shoulder 100g cut into 3cm pieces
Lamb neck 100g cut into 3cm pieces
Lamb shin 100g cut into 3cm pieces
Lamb loin 100g cut into 3cm pieces
Sugar pinch
Sea salt 21/2 tsp
White pepper good pinch
Onion 600g thinly sliced
Salted butter 40g melted
Plain flour 10g
Butter 10g melted
Potatoes 500g peeled
Olive oil splash
Red cabbage 300g finely shredded
Star anise 1
Red wine 400ml
Malt vinegar 275ml
White wine vinegar 140ml
Balsamic vinegar 140ml
Bay leaves 5
Cloves 10
Black peppercorns 1 tsp
Pink peppercorns 1 tsp
Cinnamon stick 1 snapped in half
Dried chillies 5
Sugar 250g
St Lorenzo sea salt 80g
Baby carrots 120g
Mineral water 500ml
Sugar 1 tbsp
Butter 100g
Salt pinch
Extra fine garden leeks 2 bunches

    - Season the lamb neck, shoulder, shin and chops with salt, sugar and pepper. Dust with flour and arrange in a heavy pot or casserole dish, leaving aside the neck chops
    - In a separate pan, sweat off the onions in15g of melted salted butter and half a tsp of salt for 2-3 minutes. Spread onions over lamb
    - Position the 4 neck chops evenly around the perimeter of the hotpot dish, pushing them into the onions
    - Slice potatoes vertically [2mm thick], place in a medium size bowl and add remaining melted butter. Season with tsp of salt and pinch of white pepper and mix
    - Layer sliced potatoes evenly on top of the onions and cover. Cook the hotpot for 140°C for 21/2 hours
    - Half an hour before the end of the cooking time, sear the lamb loins in a little olive oil until golden. Remove cover of hotpot and replace with a trivet. Put lamb loin on the trivet and return to oven for the final 12 to 15 minutes, or until the lamb is cooked to your liking
    - Set hotpot aside, and place the lamb loin on a warm plate to rest for 5 minutes

    - Quarter cabbage, de-vein large stem and finely slice. Salt well in a colander for 2-3 hours until a deep rich colour is achieved. Wash away salt, drain and pat dry
    - Mix all vinegars, wine and sugar together and cook on medium heat for 6-8 minutes until reduced by half
    - Put star anise, bay leaves, peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon stick and dried chillies in a pestle and mortar and pound until coarsely ground. Add spice mix to vinegar reduction a few minutes before end of cooking time and infuse for 5 minutes. Sieve reduction and pour onto cabbage
    - Place in a sterilised jar and seal

    - Boil carrots, sugar, butter and pinch of salt until tender. Remove carrots
    - Mix leeks with melted butter before cooking in salted water on high for 30 seconds
    - Combine carrots and leeks
  4. To serve

    - Thickly slice lamb loins and arrange into bowls with the hotpot
    - Garnish with pickled red cabbage, leeks and carrots