Lightly Smoked Halibut with Apricot, Samphire on Apple & Cucumber Gel

Food Starters

This is an ideal early Autumn starter. A good British dish because we try to use all local produce, and make it look interesting. I don’t think people realise the […]

4 Servings
Halibut 320g
Salt 20g
Sugar 40g
Nori 20g ground
Celery 100g
Salt 5g
Sugar 5g
Lemon juice 15g
Apple cider 100g
Cox apples 100g
Cucumber 100g
Celery 100g
Xanthan gum 2-3g
Apricots 100g halved, stone removed
Cider vinegar 30g
Sugar 20g
Water 20g
Micro melons 4
Gooseberries 2
Nasturtium leafs and flowers 4
Peas 40g fresh and blanched
Broad beans 40g fresh, peeled and blanched
Cucumbers 20g pearls
Apple 20g pearls
Samphire 30g blanched
Fennel flowers 1
  1. Mix salt and sugar, rub into halibut and marinade for 3 hours. Rinse off and dry with cloth. Smoke fish with smoke gun, coat with ground nori
  2. Peel celery, mix salt, sugar and lemon juice and put all ingredients in sous vide bag
    and compress for 4 hours. Remove celery from liquid, dry and cut in strips
  3. Combine cider vinegar, water and sugar and bring to a boil. Cool down and add to
    apricots. Vacuum pack and cook at 85ºC for 3 hours. Cool in ice water and blend to
    smooth puree
  4. Juice apples, cucumber and celery, add cider and strain through coffee filter. Add
    xanthan gum carefully to avoid lumps and leave to rest for 1 hour
  5. TO SERVE:
    Slice halibut thinly. Use flowers, herbs, micro melons and gooseberries to garnish
    the plate
  6. Drizzle cider gel over fish and in between the vegetables