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Alcoholic Cocktails Drink

The Mojito is a traditional refreshing cocktail for any menu. Fresh ingredients are the key to this cocktail!

1 Servings
50ml good quality white rum
Fresh mint handful
1 lime - cut into wedges
20ml fresh lime juice
20ml sugar syrup
75ml soda water
Crushed ice
Cocktail spoon
Tall cocktail glass
  1. First start by muddling 5 or 6 lime wedges together in your cocktail glass. Then add in your fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, rum and mint leaves and muddle together again. Be careful not to over muddle - you want the mint leaves bruised rather than broken.
  2. Top the glass up with crushed ice. Then stir using a using a cocktail spoon until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Top up to the brim with soda water and stir again.
  3. Taste the cocktail for sweetness and add some more sugar syrup to taste.