Nacho Hot Dog with Bean Chilli

Food Main Courses Quick Meals
10 Servings
1 lt Macphie Nacho Cheese sauce
10 brioche hot dog rolls
10 x 8" hot dogs or vegetarian dogs
150g spring onions
200g kidney beans
150g onions, chopped
600g chopped tomatoes
10g smoked paprika
150g cannellini beans
20g red chilli, chopped
100g tomato paste
10ml vegetable oil
5g salt, or seasoning to taste
  1. To make the chilli, cook down the onions and chilli, add the tomato paste, beans, tomatoes, paprika and seasoning. Cook for 30 minutes
  2. Cook the hot dogs on a char grill, ensuring they are bar marked and fully cooked through
  3. Cut the buns along the top and lightly char
  4. Heat the nacho cheese sauce. Add the hot dog, chilli and a drizzle of the nacho sauce, before topping with sliced spring onion