Pigeon with celeriac and blackberries
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Try the pigeon with Mud House's Pinot Noir

Pan-fried Pigeon Breast with Celeriac & Blackberry

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From chef Bjorn Moen, this recipe is perfect for four as a starter and really celebrates the beautiful ingredients. 

4 Servings
2 whole pigeons
150g blackberries
2 tsp Ultratex (thickening starch)
1 celeriac, peeled and halved
25g salted butter
½ lemon
200ml red wine
Micro lemon balm
  1. Remove the pigeon breasts and set aside for later. Break the rest of the birds up and roast at 160C until golden and crispy. Put the roasted carcasses in a pan with 3l water and simmer, reduce to 1l, sieve and reduce again to one third.
  2. Reserve 12 good blackberries for the sauce. Blitz the rest and pass it through a sieve. Blitz again slowly, adding a little Ultratex at a time until a shiny gel is achieved.
  3. Dice half the celeriac, place in a pan with 200ml water, the butter and juice of half a lemon. Simmer until tender and purée. Pass through a sieve and season to taste.
  4. Cut the remaining celeriac into 1cm slices, oil, season and cover in foil. Roast at 180C for approx 15 mins until tender, then cut into rounds to serve.
  5. Reduce the red wine to a third. Add the pigeon reduction, reduce for a minute, then add the blackberries. Stir and make sure the berries don’t overcook.
  6. Oil and season the pigeon breast. Pan-fry in a hot pan, skin-side down first. Once seared, transfer the pan to an oven at 180C for 4 mins. Leave to rest for 5 mins. Slice and assemble, and finish with some micro lemon balm.