Xmas pud

The Wortley Arms Christmas Pudding

Desserts Food
Andy Gabbitas, The Wortley Arms, Sheffield
40, 2lb puddings Servings
4.8kg sultanas
4.8kg currants
4.8kg raisins
3.2kg mixed peel
4.8kg suet
3.2kg breadcrumbs
2.4kg plain flour
400g crystalised ginger
800g prunes, chopped
400g ground almonds
48 eggs, beaten together
40g salt
3.2kg brown sugar
24 oranges, juiced
8 lemons, juiced
6kg apples, peeled and diced
100g mixed spice
3ltr stout (Guinness)
200ml dark rum
200ml brandy
500ml sherry
100ml milk
500ml madeira
  1. Mix all ingredients together well and leave overnight.
  2. Next day, divide into 40 950g/2lb lined pudding moulds and steam for 4 hours
    Serve with brandy sauce.