Tournedos Rossini

Food Main Courses
6 Servings
6 fillet steaks
6 slices of foie gras
4 tbsp Madeira
Pinch salt and black pepper
3 tbsp stock or beef bouillon
65g butter
18-24 slices Black Summer Truffles
140ml stock or beef bouillon
1 tsp cornflour
50g butter, for deglazing
  1. Place foie gras slices in covered dish and baste with 2 tbsp Madeira and 3 tbsp stock, 10 minutes before serving place over barely simmering water to heat through gently
  2. Place truffle slices in small saucepan with 2 tbsp Madeira, pinch of pepper and butter, 5 minutes before serving warm over a gentle heat
  3. Sauté steaks and season. Cover each steak with a warm slice of foie gras and top with slices of truffle. Keep warm while finishing the sauce
  4. Add 140ml of stock to fat from steaks and boil down rapidly. Add the cornflour and Madeira mixture and simmer for 1 minute. Away from the heat, swirl in 50g butter and pour sauce over the steaks and serve