Wild Venison Carpaccio with Pickled Ginger & Greens

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4 Servings
450g venison loin steak, in one piece (start a day ahead)
1 tsp vegetable oil
125ml soy sauce
60ml sake or mirin
2 tbsp light brown sugar
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tbsp fresh ginger, minced
½ small onion
120ml mandarin (or fresh orange) juice
To season black pepper
200g mixed leaves (rocket, mizuna, mibuna)
2 tbsp cress or bean sprouts
30g bamboo shoots, julienned
30g red pepper, julienned
30g yellow pepper, julienned
Petals from 1 marigold
Petals from 4 primroses
40g gari (pickled ginger)
1 mandarin orange, juice and zest
60ml rice wine vinegar
¼ tsp powdered ginger
1 tbsp dark soy
10ml sesame oil
4 Sichuan peppercorns, crushed
½ clove garlic, minced
½ tsp honey
Dot wasabi paste
20g sesame seeds
  1. Blend all the marinade ingredients in a food processor and submerge the trimmed venison loin in the marinade, cover and refrigerate overnight
  2. Wipe off the venison loin, reserving the marinade
  3. Heat the vegetable oil and when hot sear the venison on each side for 3 minutes (it’s a cylinder so roll it over three times to cook it all)
  4. Remove from heat and submerge in the marinade
  5. Once cooled, cover and refrigerate for 4-7 hours
  6. Remove the venison from the marinade and keep it well wrapped in the fridge (it will keep for 24 hours)
  7. Blend all the dressing ingredients together and mix the salad
  8. Dry the venison off and thinly slice the cylinder into rounds of 3-4mm thick
  9. To serve, place salad down one half of each plate and add dressing. Fan one quarter of the venison slices on each plate and add wasabi. Garnish with flower petals, sesame seeds and gari